Founded in 1995 year the company developed due to consideration of fast-growing food equipment market demands. Now Silence is a team of qualified experts working in the market of equipment for food industry with such partners as EUROPA, MIMAC, TEKNOSTAMAP, VMI BERTO, PIETROBERTO, SIGMA, GAMI, LA MONFERRINA, Castel MAC, SCOTSMAN, OMET, BREVETTI GASPARIN, COMIZ PACKAGING, ITALDIBIPACK, C.EL.ME, BECKERS, VEMA, Fimor, Tecna, Friulmed (Italy); MONO Equipment, DEIGHTON (Great Britain); RHEON (Japan); PSS (Slovakia); GUNTHER, REICH, FUNK, KRONEN (Germany); KT (Finland); Tefcold (Denmark); MAINCA, CATO, METALQUIMIA, Salva (Spain); TEKSO, Gokcelik (Turkey); KRAMPOUZ, Dadaux, SDTN (France); JEREMY, Byfuch (Poland). We are also official representatives of OJSC Shebekinskiy Machine Producing Plant, CJSC Belogorye, OJSC Degtyarev Plant, OJSC Plant Prommash, SPP Elf 4M (Russia); UMP KOMPO (Belarus).

Main fields:

      bakery equipment;

      confectionery equipment;

      pasta equipment;

      milling equipment;

      equipment for cafes, bars, restaurants;

      packaging equipment;

      bottling equipment;

      refrigerating equipment;

      meat processing equipment;

      sausage equipment;

      ravioli/cappelletti equipment;

      poultry processing equipment;

      fish processing equipment;

      canning equipment;

      milk processing equipment;

Basic principles:

      individual approach to every customer;

      fulfillment of order in the shortest possible time;

      staff training;

      technical support at any place and time.

Our equipment is used by such well-known manufacturers of food products as CJSC "Karl Marx Confectionery Plant", CJSC "Kharkov Sponge Cake Plant", CJSC "Hlebprom", OJSC "Concern Hlebprom", JSC "Kievhleb", OJSC "Krymhleb", Leasing Company "Hleb of Ukraine", OJSC "Karavay", "Donbasshleb", OJSC "Cherkassyhleb", OJSC "Palianytsia", "Odesskiy Karavay", "Musketeer Ltd", Company "Polissya", Dnepropetrovsk Bread Plant 8, 9, OJSC "Sumy Bread Plant", "Breeze Ltd", CC "Kiev Poultry Plant", "Globin Meat Plant Ltd", OJSC "Nezhin Meat Plant", CJSC "Konstantinov Sausage Plant", OJSC "Kremenchugmiaso", TH "Polagroservice", Meat Processing Plant "Kolos" (Chernovtsy), OJSC "Meat Plant "Yatran" (Kirovograd), OJSC "Kiev City Milk Plant 3" (TM "Vimm-Bil-Dann"), OJSC "Tulchin Butter Cheese Plant", market "Petrovka", supermarket chains "Velyka Kyshenia", "Furshet", "Kray", "Amstor", "Bimarket", "Korona", "Susid".

We are in process of constant monitoring and advancement offering wide updated range of high-quality equipment what let us achieve our aim to understand and to meet the requirements of our customers.


Silence Ltd
Avtozavodskaya Street 18 Kiev 04074 Ukraine
Tel./fax +380(44)-468-95-86 (multichannel)

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